About Middy's

Our History, Your Strength

Middendorp Electric Company is Australia's largest privately owned independent electrical wholesaler. With 95 branches nationally and still growing, Middy's prides itself on its continuing "stocks & services" philosophy.

Our History Your Strength

Middy's is proud to be 100% Australian, family owned and Independent since 1928

Arriving in Australia at age 19 by ship at Port Melbourne, Dutch immigrant Petrus Cornelis Nicolaas Middendorp (1891-1963) settled in Melbourne to apply his trade as a cigar maker for the British American Tobacco Co. Retiring from the cigar industry and following his work as an honorary orderly tending WW1 Australian casualties in Paris and Melbourne, Petrus began selling Dutch manufactured light globes, vacuum cleaners and other electrical products imported from Holland and England.

Warehousing and sales of the goods were undertaken from 1928 by the ‘Middendorp Goods Supply Company’ initially located in Flinders Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, then moving to McKillop Street, followed by a basement store at 148 Queen Street.

During the 1940s a manufacturing plant known as ‘Middendorp and Sons’ was established in the Melbourne suburb of Preston, where Petrus’ three teenage sons Peter, Nick and Hugh joined him. Peter and Hugh worked with a small team of staff to produce rubber plug tops, extension sockets, double adaptors and a small range of bakelite accessories, whilst Nick became the first sales rep calling on customers and construction sites. The products were sold under the brand name of ‘Middy’.

A name change of the distribution business took place in the late 40s and Middendorp Electric Company Pty Ltd was officially registered in 1948. The manufacturing operation ceased during the late 50s due to the introduction and acceptance of plastic and injection moulding.

However, the Middendorp family had positioned itself to further establish its electrical wholesale business with the first branch and Head Office opening in 1956, located at 520 Latrobe Street, Melbourne. By 1962 there were five trading branches, growing to 25 in 1986 and 95 by 2018 Australia wide. Middendorp Electric, more commonly known as Middy’s and readily identified by its trademark colour of Middy’s pink, has developed into the largest privately owned Electrical Wholesaler in Australia.

Together with a team of loyal staff, sons Hugh and Nick progressed the business over a period of 40 years into the new millennium and now today their sons, third generation Directors and cousins, Nicholas and Anton further advance this legacy, committed to ensuring the Middendorp Group remains at the forefront of innovation in the Australian electrical industry, whilst undertaking an active role in the Group’s daily operations.

Middy’s prides itself on its continuing service to the electrical industry through its vast branch network, variety of stock, TechEnergy offering and personal contact with customers maintained by its staff members and the Middendorp family.